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At Three Spires Pest Control we carry a wealth of experience. With over 10 years in the business, we can continue to provide the very best pest control services for both domestic and commercial clients.

Regardless of whether you’re a home owner with a wasp nest or flea problem, or a large pub that has mole hills, Three Spires Pest Control can help.

Three Spires Pest ControlUnmarked vehicles are used so that the highest discretion is guaranteed.

Most of the time pests are not of our doing, usually from being brought in on foreign objects, picked up from out and about and in everyday life. DIY treatments are available in shops and on-line which can reduce and temporary stop problems, but usually the problems usually return. This mainly due to the lack of knowledge of the pest’s habits, ways of survival or incubation periods, and that’s where Three Spires Pest Control comes to its own.

We understand pest’s behaviours and select humane, environmentally friendly solutions to control and eliminate the problem.


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